Hardneck Garlic
Hardneck Garlic
Hardneck Garlic

Hardneck Garlic

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Our organically grown Russian Red garlic is our most popular garlic variety and sells out fast so act now while supplies last!!


RR is hardy and relatively easy to grow. Plant in late fall and mulch when shoots break ground. In the spring side dress with a slow release organic fertilizer and a second application in June. Growing time is is approximately 10 months from planting and don't forget to cut the scapes when they start to curl so the plant puts all of its energy into producing big healthy heads. Do not discard the scapes as they are a seasonal treat. Use them to make scape pesto or fry/grill as a side dish, if you have never had garlic scapes before you will be in for a real treat. 

In the kitchen:

RR is an exceptional garlic with a nice kick of heat to it with a sweet after taste. Once you have cooked with our garlic you will never want to go back to supermarket garlic again and in our house there is yearly tension between selling all we can and holding enough back for ourselves, we love it that much!!


RR has a good shelf life for a hardneck garlic. Stored in a cool dark relatively dry location it will keep for several months. If you notice any discoloration or rot on the cloves of a bulb bring the bulb to the kitchen and consume the undamaged  cloves.  

Note: There will be no garlic sales in 2018 and 2019. We are working up to producing a half acre for 2020.