A GREAT deal for meat!

Hello, thanks for looking at my ad!  We have several pigs and piglets for sale. 

I need to move pigs that I did not intend to have. I was sold 2 pregnant sows that were meant for meat. 

What I currently have is this:

  • 2 proven just over a year old sows for $250 (normally $350) each. That is a great deal, I paid $200 for them when they were four months old. When their teats dry up they will be ready for slaughter, you save all those months of feed costs!
  • 1 intact male piglet that is two and a half months old for $150 (worth $200), again a nice deal. 
  • 3 month and a half old intact male piglets for $150 each or if you buy all three we can make a deal. 
  • 1 month and a half old female piglet for $150. 

If you are interested in the whole lot I am totally open to offers or just open to offers in general.

Ossabaw's are really cool pigs. Very fast and mobile, are great foragers and not as destructive like bigger breeds. For more information on them click this line.

OK here's a deal for you. The sows are actually worth $350, there is about $400 of meat in each of them. So the total value here is over $1,500 and if you want the whole lot you can take them for $800 down even from $1,000 or best offer. 

If you are interested in them or want more information please email to fourwindsfarm@shaw.ca or text 250-334-6615