About Us/The Team

Four Winds Farm BC is run by David & Lisa McDonald with the help of several special critters who make up the whole team.

The Chief Executive Officer in charge of Chicken Whispering is David.  A refugee from the big city and fluorescent lit cube farms who packed everything up and moved to the country to start farming and whatever other adventures life threw his way. Hobbies including cooking, BBQing, curing meats and gaming because well the geek in him still needs expression. 

Our EVP of Migratory Plants Lisa is a country girl at heart who loves puttering around the yard tending her half acre of flower beds and large vegetable gardens. A nurse by trade her interests are really focused on tending to living things whether they have 4 legs, 2 legs with wings or chlorophyll based and a HUGE bonus if they smell good!!

Intense, focused and able to stare at a hen for 9 hours without blinking Neo our Director of BRING IT HERE, NO HERE NOW!!! is both a shepard and protector. Being a border collie he needs constant exercise and a job to do. He is very good with our animals but any predators that come on to the property he chases off and yelling "BAD BIRD!!!" gets his hackles up and he starts scanning the sky for threats. 

Monkey Cat is our Executive Vice President of Rodent Control!! She is half siamese half calico and a complete killer. Her best haul was 5 rats in one hour all deposited on our porch. She doesn't realize that white stands out on green grass and that all the birds can see her though which is great since we love birds. 

Our Chief of Security Layne is a very large, lovely Light Sussex rooster. He stands just under 3 feet tall and is all lover boy unless there is a predator about. Then he turns into a very fierce dragon without any fear charging at the threat until it leaves but he's smart, very smart. If the threat is too much to handle like 2 eagles he hides his flock until the threat passes.  


Pepper Cat the Managing Director of Cuteness. She's is still young and very active outdoors. She loves to rip around the house and property and occasional is possessed by a fierce demon hell bent on destruction and then suddenly she's all cuddles!!!!!! Her hobbies include napping, plenty of nappy, eating, shredding furniture and knocking things off shelves. 

Trinity the newest member of the team is our Chief of Security and "Hey you are not where you are supposed to be" officer. She comes from a well respected line of border collies and naturally has the instincts to herd. On her first day on the job she shined helping move three lambs from one location to the next following them, jumping and chirping and making sure they all stayed together.