Pure Pastured Lamb Deposit

Pure Pastured Lamb Deposit

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Fill your freezer with succulent lamb by purchasing a whole or half lamb from Four Winds Farm! We take pride in raising lamb in an ethical, sustainable manner without the use of medications or growth hormones. Our lambs are grazed on pasture that has never been fertilized with chemical fertilizers, our lambs and free ranging chickens provide all the fertility needed to raise a superior product.   

We raise Dorper-St Croix crosses. Both are prized for their mild, tender meat and coming from drought tolerant lines and are an environmentally sound option to raise in our changing warming climate.

Lamb is delicious both braised in stews and curries or seasoned and grilled. Look for recipes from the Mediterranean for great ideas on how to prepare your lamb.

Buying bulk will save you money and give you control on how your lamb is processed. It is a great way to try every cut of lamb available and it will not overwhelm you or your freezer.

Please see and read this document prior to putting down your $50 deposit which is non-refundable. The price for a side is $7.99 a pound plus cut wrap and freeze. 

Buying a side of lamb


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