Will GMO's feed the world?

A FB friend recently posted pics of his Roundup ready seeds he was about to plant.

To me the post seemed to be proud and defiant in the face of all the negativity surrounding GMO crops.

Sure, ok technology can be great but there's a problem here. The problem is that no-one has yet found that GMO crops have raised productivity nor lessened the use of pesticides and herbicides. The comparisons to EU and North American's productions is objective and Monsanto has not disputed the findings, as a matter of fact they changed their marketing to align with greater certainty of production and being partners to farmers.

Let that sink in. The company that makes all the money selling GMO crops doesn't stand behind the assertion that GMO crops produce more food.

So no debate about the quality of the study or biases. When the dealer doesn't dispute the quality of his drugs you know what?

You are being conned as are the rest of us while we are defecating in our beds for no good reason.


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