Technology as a partner, not a slave to it.

We had a young couple with their 2 month old baby down for a visit yesterday. They buy a lot of eggs from us as well as sides of lamb and are in for a side of pork this year.

We were talking about the farm, how everything we do is as natural as possible and integrated in a way that reinforces and strengthens each other.

Then one of our guests spots our robotic vacuum cleaner which was bumping up against the patio door window.

I was immediately challenged in a nice chiding way that the robot was a contradiction, seemed to go against our principles.

I smiled and said no not at all. We'll use technology to reduce or eliminate any chore we can. As long as the tech isn't destructive or causes harm if it reduces effort we'll use it.

Time spent vacuuming is better spent watering plants or doing something more productive. Using Shopify to track our sales has reduced effort and increased accuracy, electric fencing (and now we have a solar charger) enables us to manage our pasture with more precision with less effort.

Technology doesn't dominate our lives, we'll never have an Alexa, but if it makes us more productive we're all in.

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