Healthy Happy Bees!

We are pretty happy and very proud!

We had our yearly bee inspection yesterday and we passed with flying colors.

Apart from healthy happy bees our varroa mite counts were 1 and 0 in the two colonies tested. This is our third year getting the same fantastic results.

Varroa mites are a major cause of bee disease and colony deaths. A count of 4 means your colonony is in serious distress and requires immediate intervention. Last year counts of 40 per test were all too common in other apiaries, we never went above 2. After managing our bees the traditional, industrial way and losing our colonies we put together this plan that naturally strengthens our bees while exploiting weaknesses in varroa's life cycle to keep their numbers down.

Our management has been lax due to my new job but the system works and I wish more beekeepers would adopt the strategy, we'd have less bee deaths and this "crisis" would be less of a concern.

Click here for our method to manage varroa mites

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